Functional add-ons

Polish Registers

Includes integrations with databases used to verify data of Polish companies and autofill records in the YetiForce system with data downloaded from official sources.

Disable Branding

Personalize your system by replacing some of YetiForce's branding displayed in the system. Customize your branding to suit your company!

Kanban Board

An interactive visual board tool mainly used for project management. The view is available in all YetiForce user modules where data is stored.

Record Automatic Assignment

Streamlines the processes of assigning records to individual users of the YetiForce system by automating manual record assignment.

Widgets Premium

A set of widgets that allow you to display additional information on the YetiForce Dashboard and in the record summary, making all the necessary details available to the user at their fingertips.

Foreign Registers

Includes integrations with databases used to verify the data of companies from various countries around the world and global search engines.

PDF Premium

An additional engine for generating Chromium/Chrome PDF files, introduces the ability to create more advanced and complex documents than the standard engine available in YetiForce.


Outlook Integration Panel & DAV

The Outlook Integration Panel plugin allows you to load the system directly in the Outlook window.

The DAV add-on allows for two-way data synchronization between different devices.

PBX Bria Softphone

Integration with the telephone exchange via the Bria Softphone application.

The connection with Bria Softphone is based on the Bria Desktop API, which provides the user with real-time information about calls.

Webservice Premium

Webservice Premium is an extended version of the standard free API available in YetiForce.

The add-on was built mainly to support YetiForce Portal, but it can also be used for other purposes.


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