Technical and business support

In an effort to meet our clients’ needs, we introduced two models of providing support to our customers.

You can use them whenever you require help configuring your system, solving issues and errors you encounter in the application, or reflecting your company’s intricate business processes in the system.

  • Technical support is provided by a team of qualified specialists who created the YetiForce system a decade ago and have been developing it ever since. You can be certain that these services will be provided at the highest level of expertise.

  • Business support is provided by our analysts with extensive experience in advising on the implementation of the YetiForce system in various companies of different sizes and industry sectors.

If you would like to use our technical or business support services, e-mail us, and we will reach out to you to present you with an offer tailored to your needs.


To use this type of support, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) must be signed. The agreement defines the mutually agreed availability of our developers on a monthly basis to handle your requests.

As part of the SLA, you can count on help in solving configuration issues of the functionalities built into your system, analysis and repair of errors, and updates for unmodified systems to newer versions.

The SLA is signed for at least 12 months and you have at least 8 hours a month at your disposal.
In addition, the contract specifies, among others: service rules, error categories and response times, and payment terms.

Recurring technical support services are provided to both — our “YetiForce Cloud” service customers, and to customers who use their own servers or other providers' infrastructure.

The availability of our developers is limited to a set number of hours each month that the service is active, and unused support time in a given month is not accumulated and is not transferred to the next month.

In the case of recurring technical support, availability rates are lower than in the case of one-time support.

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Analyze & fix errors

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Solve configuration issues

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Expand the system

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Integrate with external tools

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Complex updates

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Migrate from a different tool


This type of support is addressed to organizations that have already implemented the YetiForce system and want to expand it with new solutions.

The scope of work is agreed individually with each client based on the description of business requirements or other tasks that they would like to outsource to our specialists.

Once we receive a document with the client's requirements, our team will begin analyzing them. Depending on how detailed the descriptions are and how complex the work is, there are two possible courses of action:

  • In the case of a general description of the requirements, the client will receive information about the estimated value and approximate time of completion of the work. If the estimated value of the work is within the client's budget, the scope should be clarified during business workshops. After completion, the client will receive an accurate estimate of the work.
  • In the case of a detailed description of the requirements, the client will receive an offer that will include a precise quote and time for completing the work.

In both cases, once the client accepts the offer, a contract is concluded with them for the implementation of a specific scope of work, and they will receive an invoice for the commencement of work.

Development work is performed for both - our “YetiForce Cloud” service customers and for customers who use their own servers or other providers' infrastructure. However, we do not provide support in the configuration of servers that are not located within our infrastructure.

Examples of tasks that can be completed within the purchased development hours:

  • Customize existing, or create new modules, functionalities and other solutions in the system according to the client's business needs

  • Integrate YetiForce with any external tool used in the company (the system has a built-in API)

  • Update a customized system to a newer version

  • Fix errors caused by misconfiguration of the system

  • Migrate from a different system to YetiForce

  • Training for users and administrators on how to use and manage YetiForce


By using the business support service, you can chat with one of our analysts about the processes in your company and how to optimally reflect them in the YetiForce system.

During the meeting, the analyst will learn about the business processes in your company and then offer you various solutions that can be implemented in the system, so that the processes run smoothly and effectively. The consultation may result in the development of an initial scope of work needed in the YetiForce system used in your company.

The service is provided in the form of a videoconference, and the consultation can last 2 or 5 hours, depending on the needs and size of the company.

Business support only includes consultation with our analytics team. Any programming work, consultations with developers or training requires the purchase of one of the technical support packages.

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Business consultations

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Analysis of the client's needs


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