Kanban board

Add-on available for version 6.3 and later

The Kanban board is a tool used mainly for project management, but in YetiForce this view is available in all user modules where data is stored. Kanban helps to visualize data by grouping them in various ways, effectively define the amount of work in progress and increase efficiency.

Boards in the Kanban view use cards and columns that can be easily configured in the panel according to the needs of your company. Moreover, in the YetiForce system, you can create multiple tables for one module that will present the data grouped in various ways.

Benefits of using the Kanban board:

  • The use of this solution will help to improve communication between all team members and departments of the company, which will increase the efficiency and productivity of the team.

  • Workflow visualization will influence the optimization of the company's business processes and will help find potentially problematic areas, such as bottlenecks.


  • Boards work for any user module that contains data
  • Data presentation method can be customized for each board
  • Supported field types: Picklists, Assigned to
  • Option to display summary of numerical and currency fields
  • Supports colors and icons for value fields
  • Supports quick edition


4 €

net per month

up to 19 users


10 €

net per month

20 to 49 users


18 €

net per month

over 50 users

Add-ons can be purchased by going to the Marketplace in the YetiForce system.
The Marketplace can be found by clicking on the cogwheel icon  visible in the upper right corner after logging in to the system.

The prices shown are net prices. The purchase prices include 23% VAT.
If you're eligible for tax deduction, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a purchase without VAT.

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» Can I get a discount?

Yes, a 5% discount applies if you purchase the service for a year. To do so, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

» In which modules can I enable the Kanban Board view?

The Kanban view is available in standard YetiForce user modules, i.e., modules that contain a standard list of records.
The addon might not work in modules made by companies that are not authorized YetiForce partners.

» How to use Kanban Boards?

The documentation for the Kanban Board add-on can be found here.


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