Explore the advantages of yetiforce

Ideal for all industries

Regardless of whether you own a large, medium, small or micro company, operate in the medical, legal, manufacturing, sales or social industries, run an online store, kindergarten or are an artist - YetiForce is the right choice for you.

Fields, modules and add-ons can be customized to match your business needs. It's up to you to decide!

YetiForce allows you to adjust not only the appearance of the system, but also grant permissions to individual employees. Everyone will be provided with the tools they need, and the unnecessary elements can be disabled in order not to clutter and distract the users.

The most flexible
system in the world

The biggest advantage of YetiForce over other solutions is its unlimited expandability. Thanks to the open source code, as well as advanced panels and intuitive editors, you can configure any element of the system and customize its interface for each employee.

Over 80 ready-to-use modules

The system offers a variety of functionalities covering the most important areas in the company, which allow for the centralization and elimination of redundant systems that store data essential for the organization. You no longer need paid solutions such as Trello, Slack, Redmine, Asana or Jira.

The available modules and functionalities can be freely configured — you can choose only those that are currently used by employees and adjust their capabilities to the specifics of a given department.  For the most demanding clients, we offer individual solutions. 

Over 90 configuration panels

YetiForce is the most flexible system in the world, it allows you to configure virtually every element and provides intuitive editors to customize the system for each employee independently. It grows with the increase of business and tasks in the company. Any additional functionalities can be added at any time using the built-in 90 configuration tools. The efficiency of the YetiForce system allows thousands of employees to work on a single server.

Modern API

We have created a modern API that enables integration of any external system and two-way data exchange between systems. If you want to integrate data via a data bus, YetiForce is ready for it!

Customer portal & Online store

In addition to a YetiForce itself, we provide fully integrated portals for clients and business partners that allow the exchange of data and information directly from a dedicated portal. We also created a modern online store that stores all data at once in the central system, controlled through configuration panels.

Start using YETIFORCE today
increase productivity by 25%!

YetiForce organizes large amounts of data and relieves employees of numerous mundane tasks. As a result, the company operates more efficiently and the employees' productivity is increased.

  • Store unified data obtained from different sources
  • Access complete customer contact history
  • Increase productivity by utilizing task automation
  • Communicate effectively with other employees
  • Reduce the risk of making mistakes
  • Decrease costs significantly by limiting the number of paid tools
  • Access data online from anywhere in the world

You decide where your system is installed

YetiForce Cloud

An infrastructure perfectly adjusted to meet the restrictive requirements of the system is a great solution for companies that don't have their own servers or an IT team to take care of the security, performance and solving infrastructure problems. Each user will be provided with several GBs of space for company data, and the database will be placed on efficient SSD drives.

Own server

The system works on all available operating systems configured according to the requirements of the installed version.
Your own server gives you the ability to adjust parameters to your needs and settings recommended by the software supplier, therefore increasing the stability and efficiency of the system.

Your data is safe with us

YetiForce is created in accordance with OWASP ASVS standards, and is subjected to monthly independent security audits.

Open source systems are widely considered the safest applications in the world. Code security is ensured by a committed community made up of programmers from the largest IT companies and volunteers from the most recognized universities in the world.


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