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  • Marketing

    The most important business process that significantly affects the success or failure of the company!

    69% of companies believe that their marketing priority is to convert contacts and leads into customers.

  • Sales

    An orderly and extensive sales process allows you to tailor the offer to even the most demanding customers.

    Implementation of a CRM system can increase sales by up to 29%.

  • Projects

    Effective supervision over the project portfolio in the organization allows for quick delivery of products and services to customers.

    87% of companies that are satisfied with their projects expand these projects or increase their CRM budgets.

  • Support

    The best companies in the world are recognized by the professional support they provide to their partners and clients.

    The CRM system reduces customer service costs by 40%.

  • Finances

    Access to financial information is crucial for sellers during negotiations with partners and clients.

    The ability to issue invoices directly from the system saves employees' time thanks to full automation.

  • Logistics

    The ability to control every step of the supply chain is crucial to meeting the deadlines for all pending projects.

  • Office

    Demanding positions can be supported by a number of tools that facilitate hundreds of different tasks in the organization on a daily basis.

  • HR

    Manage the entire employee lifecycle. Keep all the data and documents in one place for quick and easy access.

    Record and analyze your teams' working time to be aware of the current situation in your organization.

The most

CRM system

Quick implementation and unlimited expandability and customization.

80+ modules.
You no longer need paid solutions like Trello, Slack, Redmine, Asana or Jira.

Open source software without restrictions for everyone in the company.

Discover the power of YetiForce

The largest implementation of YetiForce covered over 12,500 users









Our clients:

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  • Milano IT Consulting

    Gianluca Peloso

    We are an Italian system integrator and we are using YetiForce for all our CRM projects. We ask a feedback for all our customers about their yetiforce experience and the result is always that the application is intuitive, fast and user friendly.

  • Zebra Hosting

    Bastiaan Houtkooper

    Good support team, steady development, free or low priced support. Secure, still pretty fast. Suggestions are taken seriously and its open source! Continued development with big steps. Still our first choice to advise our clients!

  • Leased.Computer

    Michiel Grotenhuis

    YetiForce's extensive set of products promised to cater to all our sales, marketing, management, and support needs. We made the big decision to completely migrate from our previous sales platform to YetiForce, and now we're happy about that move.

  • CSCloudSolutions

    Chris Soltvedt

    Feature rich, easy to customize, ability to create your own modules, fast loading (no shaky screen transitions like my old vtiger used to do), superbly integrated with components such as Roundcube.

  • OmniOffice

    Piotr Woźny

    CRM is fully customized, which makes it suitable for all our activities. The team has demonstrated good understanding of our business needs, contact with the vendor is easy. Documentation for implementation was well thought-over. This system is user-friendly, despite its technical complexity.

  • SKL Plus sp. z o.o.

    Paweł Wyszomirski

    Splendid software with plenty of features, all very useful in your customer's service.
    Offline installation, safe code, many many many features (you're good when you use 10% of them), nice responsive interface, e-mail integration, customization, ease of maintenance and backup.

  • Promesa Plus Sp. z o.o.

    Magdalena Kozaczuk

    YetiForce has a lot of versatile functionalities and tools that can be easily found in the application. It's also fairly easy to manage from the administrator's perspective. Updates and new features are released quite regularly. The application is free and opensource so the possibilities are endless.

  • MORE Advertising Group

    Mariusz Figiel

    Great product, and for free! Great choice for any business!
    All necessary modules, widgets, and features are already in the system for free, the developers also provide free help. The system is quite easy to install and manage and it's very user-friendly when properly configured. One of the factors that made us choose YetiForce is their beneficial license. The app is fast, secure, looks good and works well.

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