4 reasons why you should update your CRM


CRM providers regularly release update packages and new versions of the system — and there is a valid reason for this. Improvements are key for applications to work properly and fulfill their functions. Outdated software can even be harmful to users.

What are the main reasons why you should update your CRM?

System feature development

Software producers strive for continuous development of their software by constantly improving it. There is no application that is fully completed and can't be improved by adding new features or improving existing ones.
The development and improvement of software functionality allows the program to fulfill its purpose to a greater extent. New features expand the capabilities of the software.

Only regular updates provide access to all currently available modules and tools. This ensures that your CRM can be used to its full potential.

Data safety

In parallel with technological innovations in systems, security of the data collected in the company should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Unfortunately, there are often vulnerabilities in the mechanisms, and they can be found sooner or later. Therefore, CRM producers regularly analyze the code to find these vulnerabilities and fix them, so that new versions of the software are already protected against attacks.

Skipping regular updates of your system will pose a serious security risk. Hackers can steal, for example, company financial reports, information about ongoing projects or sensitive customer data. This exposes the company to both image damage and real financial losses in the form of financial penalties related to the GDPR.

Bug fixes

Systems frequently experience unavoidable errors that cause the application to misbehave, such as logical errors, bugs in the code, issues that result from an incorrect environment. Manufacturers are constantly working to eliminate them, improve the quality of users' work and provide the highest quality software.

By installing the latest update, you will eliminate errors in the program, thus improving the operation of your system and increasing the comfort of work.

Loss of competitiveness

Modern and up-to-date CRM/ERP software enables effective business management in all areas of operation. A personalized tool quickly delivers accurate information about the customer, allows you to generate an individual offer among others; the company responds faster to constant changes in the market, thus becoming more competitive and increasing its revenue.

Some companies avoid updating their CRM system, fearing that the process will be too difficult for them, disrupt the entire enterprise or cause data loss. Nothing could be further from the truth, experienced YetiForce experts will help you with the update. You can be sure that your data won't be lost, will be secured, and system downtime will be minimized.

We offer an update package to the latest stable version of YetiForce to help you upgrade your system to safely and easily use all the newest system functionalities.

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Mariusz Krzaczkowski

11 April 2024


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